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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the mastodon.chuggybumba.com moderators.

  1. No illegal activities. That includes selling illegal goods or services, any threats of violence, hacking attempts or the like. Any of the above conducts will result in permanent ban and will be reported to local authorities.
  2. Be kind. Harassments and/or hateful speech will not be tolerated. Any reports of this conduct will lead to reprimands and finally permanent ban if continued.
  3. No goddamn racists or nazis.
  4. No nudity, porn or 18+ content. There's plenty of other instances where you can join for that kind of content. When posting media containing otherwise NSFW material, please flag content as such.
  5. No ads or spam. Shameless plugs to own content allowed as long as it's not linking to BirdSite.
  6. No spreading of misinformation, conspiracy theories or anti-science bullcrap. This ain't your uncle's Facebook.